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Mission Possible, San Antonio, Texas

Our Experience Autism® team designed a multifaceted training for the Alamo Area Council of Governments in San Antonio, Texas. We delivered four different training events with these cutting-edge components:

Timely: This training addresses a pressing need to improve information and relationships between police and the disability community. It incorporates the January 2017 Department of Justice recommendations to accommodate and serve individuals with disabilities.

Grassroots: We met with local leaders and organizations to prioritize the content to teach.

Inclusive: Five young adults with disabilities joined our training team. Officers got a chance to know them and try four different realistic live-practice scenarios.

Engaging: Our hands-on activities and role play scenarios helped officers gain perspective, empathy and skills

Mutual: After being trained, officers participated in an Interactive Screening of BE SAFE The Movie. They met and mentored local youth with autism and related conditions. They got to practice the skills and communication strategies they learned in the training.

Memorable: No glassy eyes here. Officers said the training meant a lot to them and will change the way they do their job.

Replicable: We trained trainers from the AACOG Law Enforcement Academy to continue the training locally. We’ll be back to support, expand and further customize this important work!

Model: Officers from ten different law enforcement agencies in Mexico came to observe our Interactive Screening of Be Safe the Movie. They loved what they saw, and told us they would love to bring our training to Mexico (we’re ready, our materials are already available in Spanish!)

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